6 Healthy ways to grill it up!

A Good BBQ smoker and good bbq outings are cherished by one and all. Owning a BBQ is becoming a trend day by day, with summers people seek outings and especially outdoor cooking arrangements. With a lot of people resorting to grills the amount of pollution is scorching high and raising the number of health issues. We advise you to follow these little practices to keep problems at an armís length while you enjoy BBQ food and time.

1. Prefer marinades

Make spicy marinades to crave your BBQ desires as spice tends to decrease HCA formation. Feel free when you sprinkle red chilies over your sauces.

Why does this happen?

This happens because some of the spices are packed with antioxidants that has the power to eat away the possibilities of HCAs during the grilling process. You can use the spices like that of thyme, sage, and garlic.

2. Use alcohol

Apart from making spicy marinades also use marinades with composition of beer and wine. This is advised to enjoy the benefits of red wine and the antioxidants present in it. These antioxidants will make your marinades worth tasting.

To reduce the risk of carcinogens by 40% at least you can marinate beef in red wine.

3. Put it off un-done.

When your aim is to reduce the risk of carcinogens then you need to sacrifice on complete doneness of flesh. After sometime turn off the heat and leave it a bit uncooked (this way helps to reduce the risk of HCA’s).

4. For optimum results use your microwave.

Before lighting your grill, let your microwave work. Put some meat into it for one or two minutes at medium power. This is practice isnít suggested just out of the blue but because of several studies showing that heating meat pieces in a microwave before cooking decreasing the risk of HCAs by 90%.
You need to remove the moist juice after heating because itís the place where HCAís accumulate.

5. Grill the vegetables.

When the grilled meat starts taking a toll over your health or when you are already cautious regarding your intakes then you can switch to Grilled veggies as a safer option.

Grilled vegetables offer the same taste but the best part is their carcinogen content is way too less than fleshy options.

6. When meat is all what you need?

As we mentioned to reduce the unhealthy intake you can easily take veggies but if you are a meat freak and can’t think beyond it then a better form of meat for you is kebabs.

Kebabs are a mix of meat and veggies, it’s lot healthier than pure meat as it doesnít contain much HCAs.

7. Opt for Less marinating

Though marinades are good for meat but it’s important to be safe and choose shorter spans of marinating. Opt for brushing it with sauce at the last hour to enhance the content of antioxidants easily.

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