Best of the Best #8: Will you be my Bridesmaid?

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So your beau finally popped the question and you couldn’t be more excited……

One of the first things on the list is selecting your bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. Afterall these people are going to (hopefully) help you with some planning and organizing for the BIG day.  I know when I picked my bridesmaids, I didn’t just want to call them up and ask them, I wanted to make them feel special (and they are).  I wanted them to know they were about to be a major part of one of the most important days of my life and a phone call just didn’t seem to do it justice.

So before I showcase all the fabulous ways to pop your own question, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”, I am going to honor the fabulous ladies that are taking a very special part in my big day.



First up is my lovely, beautiful, amazing sister, Whitney.  Whitney is my very best friend. She’s the kind of sister that Margaret (from Are you there God, it’s me Margaret) wanted and needed. She helped me get through my middle school awkwardness, high school drama, and college boys.  And now she’s helping me get married. She’s seriously the most giving and loving person in my life and I am honored to be able to call her my sister and my maid of honor.



Ariel, aka Mermie (yes, that’s short for Mermaid. Think 1980′s Disney movie), is one of my lovely Texas bridemaids.  Mermie is a ball of happiness, laughter and joy….and that beautiful smile in her picture is permanent, seriously. She is so special to me and I cannot wait to have her contagious happiness all around me on my big day.



This is Katie, or K-bone (sort of a long story with that one), and this picture of her couldn’t be more perfect. Katie is another one of my Texas bridesmaids.  I wish Katie lived closer to me, she’s always up for a good time (especially if it involves margaritas and dancing)! She’s one of the most genuine people I know, which means I should definitely take her wedding dress shopping with me. Her honestly would be so appreciated.


Onto my Georgia gals:


This is little itty bitty Kelli! Her size is not telling of her personality…she has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know, she can make you laugh till you pee, and she is so talented at her job.  Kelli has many traits I adore, but I am probably most looking forward to having her big loving heart around me on my big day. She knows I’ll need it!



Becca…oh my lovely little Becca. Okay the truth is Becca is 5′ 10, and she could obviously be a model, but she’s so down to earth. Becca is my only Brazilian bridesmaid (and friend, come to think of it). She is incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Becca is always thinking of others and I absolutely love that about her. I can’t wait to have this beautiful and loving gal by my side on the BIG day.


Okay, now onto Best of the Best: Fabulous and unique ways to ask
“Will you be my Bridesmaid?”

Bridesmaid Boxes:

will you be my bridesmaid

Too cute? A personalized bridesmaid box!!

will you be my bridesmaid

I love the cards with all the info for the BIG day!


Photo card:

will you be my bridesmaid

Love this idea! Just tack these photos onto the end of your engagement shoot!

EEk! Love!


Bridesmaid instruction card:

will you be my bridesmaid

I love these tasteful instruction cards. What-to-wear lineup is adorable!!


DIY Pop up boxes:

How freakin adorable! I love the pop up box look and the special touches (like the charm) she added.



will you be my bridesmaid

Simple spool does the trick! Perfect for a crafty bride.


Pretty paper:

will you be my bridesmaid

Created by Honey Bee Invites

And let’s not forget something for the groomsmen too:

will you be my bridesmaid

Created by Honey Bee Invites





Credits : Wedding Chicks, Wedding Channel, Amanda Pair, Wedding By Color, Inspire the Bride, Choosing You Etsy Shop, Honey Bee Invites


  1. Thanks for the adorable ideas! Definitely want to do something cute to ask my Bridesmaids!

  2. This is such a great post! Love all the cute ideas

  3. I love the card and make-up bag I received!!!! It was the best!

  4. These ideas are all so absolutely cute :) I wish so badly I would have done something clever like this when I picked my bridesmaids but three years ago that was the last thing I was thinking hehe xo

  5. OMG- you’re bridesmaids are gorgeous and these ideas are awesome! I love the personalized “Maid” box! It’s actually hard to pick which one is my fav. =)

  6. Super cute ideas here!!! Wish I had seen some of these when I was a bride, I totally would have tried one of them :)

  7. Love all the fabulous ideas you gathered! Wish I would’ve seen the box idea prior to creating my pocket invites – I did do the info card inserts though! :-)

  8. Wonderful ideas…and I love the mini bios on your ladies in waiting! I especially love what you said about your sister. You are just as amazing!

  9. These are the cutest things I have ever seen and I am sad my brides never thought of this. I’m sharing your stuff on my site!! Thanks so much for this!


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