Best of the Best #11: Wedding Arches

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I definitely want some sort of arch at the alter during my wedding ceremony. I think it will help give the open outdoor venue a focal point and help define the alter area. (see my wedding post here)

The easy part was deciding I wanted an arch at the alter…the hard part is picking one that is perfect for the wedding. I have been searching high and low for photos! I still haven’t found one that A- “feels right” and B- looks like I could actually make it, (yes, I am crazy and going to attempt to make my own wedding arch).  In my search, though not perfect for me, per say, I have found a few that are really quite spectacular!! Take a look at the Best of the Best: Wedding Arches!

wedding arch, ceremony arch

1. Beautiful fabric and floral arch

wedding arch, ceremony arch

2. I love the rustic look of the exposed branches against the delicate white flowers and pearls.

wedding arch, ceremony arch

3. Unique and gorgeous arch!

wedding arch, ceremony arch

4. Not all gorgeous arches are for outdoor ceremonies....check out this amazing floral arch inside the church!

wedding arch, ceremony arch

5. It's no secret that I/everyone loves burlap. This arch is perfect for an outdoor rustic, casual wedding.

wedding arch, ceremony arch

6. Hands down, my favorite arch EVER. So beautifullly done and so fun!

wedding arch, ceremony arch

7. A natural looking, rustic arch with a very feminine feel.

Want to be like me and create your own wedding arch?

Well, I wish I had the perfect little DIY wedding ceremony arch post for ya, but I don’t (perhaps after I create mine).
BUT (don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that) in my searching I just happened to stumble across this fabulous one!  They don’t spell out exactly how to make it, but basically you could search paper flower DIYs (like this one) and use various paper flowers to create the DIY arch. I love the way theirs turned out!

DIY wedding arch, DIY ceremony arch

8. DIY Wedding Ceremony Arch!

1.Panacea Flowers, 2.Style Me Pretty, 3.Green Wedding Shoes, 4.Elizabeth Anne Designs, 5.Pinterest- need credit (any ideas?), 6.Green Wedding Shoes, 7.100 Layer Cake, 8.We Love Laugh Kiss.


Until next time ladies & gents!



  1. Beautiful picks! I seem to have an addiction to collecting (and pinning) ceremony altars…there are so many creative ideas out there!

  2. Oh I am going to have to go check out your alter pins! :) Maybe Ill find mine there!

  3. My favorite is the burlap one! I too LOVE burlap….I made a comment on the pin to hopefully find the source.

  4. I absolutely love the one with the pearls!

  5. they are all great – definitely a tough choice!

  6. I love the one with the pearls and the one below it. Yes, you have a really tough decision!

  7. #2 is my favorite!

  8. So creative and lovely!

  9. gorgeous roundup! I love them all!

  10. Beautiful collection!!!

  11. I think the one with the pearls is my favorite :)

  12. Love the air plant arch ~ it’s so unique. And that colourful DIY paper pom pom arch is such fun!

  13. I’m doing my own arch formy wedding ceremony. We’re getting married under a grouping of oak trees – one of which makes a natural arch. We’re thinking of hanging fabric strips or bunches of mini pompoms from it to make a pretty backdrop. Thanks for the added inspiration!

  14. great ideas :)

  15. i agree, #6 is awesome. but i’m loving the surfboards, too!

  16. so creative :X love them all

  17. Such a lovely blog post. I love the natural looking rustic arch the most. May be you should find a way of letting other planners / readers help submit their pictures of more lovely arches?

  18. I would love to know how they did number one picture with the curtains! It’s so lovely! if someone know how they pulled that off, let me know. I would love to know how they kept the curtains in place?/ Thanks!

  19. The first picture with the fabric and flowers is beautiful!!! How can we recreate that or where can we get that rectangular arch? Please email me info

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