Fabulous Font Friday #12

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I’m back on the Font Friday circuit! :) It’s been a while.  But I have a fabulous font for you all today- CAROLYNA.
In fact, it’s so fabulous that Little Bit Heart featured their sister font today, Carolyna Black.

Carolyna is a gorgeous  whimsically handwritten calligraphy font! It has open-type features for more letter options and to give the font a hand-lettered touch. The font also has  over 100 characters. Take a look at this beauty below….

I have a feeling this is going to end up on many of your wish lists!



For those of you that don’t know, Font Friday is a group of FABULOUS bloggers, business owners, designers, etc.  that post their favorite fonts every Friday (check out #fontfriday on Twitter). Some of the fab ladies are:  Allison at Allison Owen Design, Jen from Blush Printables, Sophia and Andre at Brancoprata, Steph from Bubblerock, Laurel at Go Against the Grain, Jenny from Hank + Hunt, Vicki from Curly Willow, Lauren from Lauren Elise Crafted, Jenna and Elizabeth from Little Bit Heart, Lauren at Palm Papers, Kerry from Super Swoon and Wendy from Weswen, Anna from And Everything Nice and Cécile from My Paper Lounge.


  1. Yay! Font Friday is back! I LOVE this fint and want to use it on EVERYTHING!!!!

  2. Hi Sweet Honey Bees… just popping in to see your font choice! So PRETTY! When you think of it next week, please change my listing to my new blog. I’m not at Curly willow anymore. Thanks so much! See ya next week.

  3. Yay for Carolyna! It’s so funny, I just downloaded this for a project on Thursday…… we all must have been on the same wavelength this week :)

  4. Oh so pretty & girly it makes me smile!

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