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Hi all….two……one….none of you.

Wow. I hate this post already. I am not trying to be sad, but the truth is I am. And MAD too. I have not posted on the blog in forever. Now, it might be bad blog etiquette or bad blog-business to admit to that, but it’s the truth. I have so much to fill you in on…..and aren’t you sort of wondering where the heck I’ve been?! I am going to tell you anyway….

Well, first…. I got MARRIED! I cannot wait to share allll photos with you- and I promise to soon : ) The wedding was beautiful, everything I ever dreamed of and so, so much more. The man I married….perfection. As a little girl in pigtails and mismatched socks I always used to say one day I would marry Garth Brooks (remember I grew up in Texas ya’ll). No, I didn’t get to marry Garth Brooks, but what I learned from my “little girl” days was that I wanted to marry Garth because he was the man I dreamed of at night for half my childhood…he had all the characteristics I ever could have imagined in the “perfect man”.  As I got older, I sort of lost my love for Garth because my imagination grew, and I started creating a man in my head that was more perfect and more me. I never actually imagined how it would feel to find that man and marry him, but I did. And I can tell you it is beyond anything you could ever dream of, read about in a book, or see in a Oscar-winning romance…. it’s better than perfection, because the truth is, you don’t really know perfect until you meet him and then marry him. Thank you for that, J.

(Fouse Wedding -that’s me! In Charleston! Photographer: Blue Dandelion Photography)


I had so many ah-ha moments during my big day- I promise to share all these and more in my wedding recap post!

Okay, if you’re still reading, you’re a total trooper (and maybe bored or ultra supportive…love you either way). The second reason I fell off the earth is because I was helping my….ahemmmm…husband (still feels good) with his business. J owns a fitness company and it grew like crazy in 2012. Hooray for J! He needed someone to manage all the operations because he was on the road constantly…. well, “helping out with operations” turned into a 50+ hour a week job. I was overwhelmed and decided that I would have to put a few HBI things on hold until…well I didn’t have a plan actually.  I won’t say I never grunted or complained, I did. But I wanted to let J chase his dreams like crazy…I wanted to see him get five-year-old-just-got-a-bike excited because he “made it big”. Afterall, I feel so fortunate to be able to work on making my passion my business and I wanted nothing more than for J to do the same thing. I loved watching his eyes light up as everything he planted grew…. he works so hard and he deserves this, all of it.

So long story short….what, it’s too late for that?!  Ha!
I’m back. Happily. Dedicated. and I hope you can welcome this blog back into your world with open arms.





  1. Congratulations! What a lovely picture of you two :)

    Looking forward to the recap!

    • Thanks Stephanie! Recap will come soon- scouts honor ; )

  2. Congratulations!! So thrilled for you. You definitely had a leave of absence for all VERY good reasons :) So great that your husband’s business is doing so well, what a blessing! Welcome back! Love that picture of you two, and looking forward to the recap.

    • Thank you Katie! You are seriously so sweet! : )

  3. Love love love this post! Of course it’s not too late! Absence makes the heart grow fonder…plus we (well I) need HBI posts to inspire the little girl in me who also dreams of Mr.Perfect and the big day. Never ever too late missy. Welcome back! Xoxo En

    • Erika! You are the best- and Mr. Perfect is just taking his time getting all “perfect” for ya! :)

  4. So happy for you!!! Glad you are back, I have missed reading your blog. Love, love your creativity, you inspire me!!

    • Thank you so very much!! Much more creativity to come : )

  5. Congrats Allie! Gorgeous photo!!

    • Thanks Lissahn!! I hope you’re doing amazinggg and enjoying this nice weather in ATL!

  6. Talk about some amazing reason to have been away-congratulations to such a beautiful couple! And welcome back!

  7. Yay! I’m so happy for you! Amazing things are happening for you two.

  8. What a gorgeous picture! And I’m sure your readers will have you back anytime :)

  9. when do we get to see the rest!?!?

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