Free Printable Recipe Cards!!

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Hi friends! It’s almost Friday and that means it’s time for a fun freebie!!

I love all things free….who doesn’t?!

A lovely friend of mine, Kimberly, recently got married. She celebrated her marriage with an intimate affair under a white tent on The Hill… it was gorgeous and full of love, friends, drinks and good food. It was the perfect wedding celebration. Kimberly loves to cook and garden …you can read all about her adventures on The Hill here….so as a gift a few good friends wrote down of our very best family recipes and shared them. I was in charge of the recipe box and the recipe cards…. so (everyone thank Kimberly for getting married) because I am now offering the recipe cards to you…..

Free Printable below. The recipe box HBI made for her…. order one today (hand-stained & painted- can be personalized)!

Free Printable Recipe Card

Enjoy! And feel free to send me pics of your recipe cards with the delish recipes! I would LOVE to share!!! The cards are 3 x 5 and are best printed on a heavy cardstock!

If you would like more info on the handmade recipe box please click here (can be personalized)!




  1. Awe! These are just so darling. And how sweet of you to offer them up :)

  2. Oh my gosh so cute! We did something like this for my friend’s bridal shower and did a fill the kitchen theme. Thanks for sharing the index card, I’ll have to use it :)

  3. I absolutely love these!!! great for Christmas gifts!!!

  4. These are perfect! Thanks so much for sharing! I think they will even print nicely in black and white on colored paper…for people like me who never have full colored ink cartridges.

  5. Hi! I am super interested in buying one of these adorable boxes for my sisters’s bridal shower! I clicked on the “order” link, but it didn’t go to an ordering page. Could you possibly help me out or direct me better? The shower is April 27th, so I would like to get this ordered soon! I appreciate your help! Thank you!

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