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What Could Be Better than a Post Full of HBI Wooden Wedding Signs?

Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Happy Friday all you beautiful people :) I am in such a good mood! The forecast for these next two weeks are supposed to be sunny and bright. I got such a good response of comments from friends, fans, and family on my post from a couple weeks ago about my favorite Honey Bee Invites, that I decided to make a similar post except with our custom wooden wedding signs! Yay!

Number 5:

I know this isn’t exactly a sign made for a wedding venue, but I couldn’t resist putting it on my list. The lace decal at the top is so precious and the rocking horse just screams newborn baby.

Number 4:

I  chose this sign not only because every single item on the menu sounds delicious, but because the bright green colors add a little character to the sign. The “Eat, Drink, & Be Married” at the bottom is probably one of my favorite aspects of the sign!

Number 3:

Not only do I love this sign for its bright colors, but the biblical passage is absolutely beautiful. If I could have a wedding sign, not only will I get one from Honey Bee Invites, but I’ll definitely be picking this passage.

Number 2:

First of all, thank you to Blue Dandelion Photography for this amazing photo! Second, this wedding sign was made for HBI’s founder Allie and her hubby Justin on their wedding day! Well, I think it is pretty darn amazing that with all that she had to do regarding planning a beautiful wedding event, Allie still had time to put together this sign so that a piece of Honey Bee Invites was with her on her special day :)

Number 1:

I’m not really sure what makes me love these signs so much. Maybe it is because the photo is so beautiful (thank you Something Pretty Photography for this AMAZING picture!!) or maybe I am a sucker for the white and blue color scheme. Either way, this is definitely one of all time favorite signs that Honey Bee Invites has made. I guess I also like the idea that the bride and groom have their designated seats and anyone can see that they are in love and belong together.

For those of you who fell in love with these custom wooden wedding signs, here is the basic info that you’ll need to order one:

To get a hold of us, like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter then just send us a message and we will be sure to get back to you ASAP :)

That is all for now my dears!! Have a beautiful (and hopefully sunny) weekend!


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TLC’s Friday Bride Day

Posted by on Mar 15, 2013 in Blog | 1 comment

So I am laying in my bed right now on a Thursday night writing this post! Look at me not waiting until Friday morning to get it all done ;) I hope everyone had a fantastic week! I am on Spring Break and get to go visit one of my best friends this weekend! Yay! Also, another awesome fact (besides that it is Friday) is that TLC has this thing called “Friday Bride Day” where they show a ton of awesome wedding shows! It actually inspired me to write this post!

One of their newest shows is called “Something Borrowed Something New”. In this show, brides come in with some very old and outdated dresses passed down from their mothers or even from their grandmothers to have them altered and updated by designer Kelly Nishimoto.  At the same time, fashion expert Sam Saboura is having them try on brand new dresses! In the end, the brides must choose between the vamped and updated dress or a brand new dress of their very own. I love this show because it gets a little emotional when brides try on dresses from their moms that have passed away or if the dads start to cry.



Follow this link to see more amazing “Something Borrowed, Something New” dress transformations:
Photo Credits: TLC

Another one of TLC’s bridal shows is called “Four Weddings”. In this show, four women each attend each other’s weddings, vote on who had the best one, and the winner gets a dream honeymoon! I love this show because there are always weddings that are a little over the top and of course there is a little drama.  One time I watched this one episode where this woman had belly dancers at her wedding and male dancers!! I wanted to die it was so hilarious and over the top.

To learn more about this awesome show or watch full episodes click here:

My third favorite Friday Bride Day show on TLC is “Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids”. For those of you who have watched the original Say Yes to the Dress before, I totally recommend this one too! There is all the drama and stress of choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses.  Plus it is always fun to critique which dress you would have chosen for your wedding! And the owner of this shop, Lori, seems like an absolute angel! I would actually love to meet her!

Photo Credit: TLC

To see more bridesmaids pictures from the show click this link: 


Okay, now we have finally gotten down to my all time favorite wedding show! I am obsessed with “Say Yes to the Dress” or “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta”.  These are the kind of shows that when you see they’re on, you kind of squeal a little with excitement. And then when there is a marathon you kind of want to skip work and just watch them all day. I absolutely love, love, love these two shows! I don’t know if it is because I am crazy for the beautiful gowns, if I love the people who work there, or if I am just more of a girly girl than I thought, but I cannot get enough of them. If you haven’t watched either of these shows before you are seriously missing out!
Click this conveniently placed link to find out more about this show and watch some awesome clips: 


I thought that these shows were awesome and too good to not be shared, but that is all I have for you all on this weeks post! For all you brides who can’t get enough of their own weddings, TLC has got you covered!

Have a great weekend

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Nicole’s Favorite HBI Invites

Posted by on Mar 8, 2013 in Blog | 1 comment

Happy Friday and Happy National Women’s Day! I decided that I have been an intern at Honey Bee Invites long enough to pick out my top five favorite invitations!

Number 5:
Our New Years Themed Golden Invitations.

I think I fell in love with these invitations because the bright golden colors brought so much promise for the New Year. Plus I am a sucker for a little sparkle!

Number 4:
Purple Floral Invites

Well considering that purple is my favorite color, what isn’t there to love?

Number 3:
Candy Cane Christmas Invites

I love Christmas. It is probably my favorite holiday so I had to add this to my top five favorites!

Number 2:
Allie’s Bridal Shower Invites

I chose these as my second favorite not only because they are for HBI’s Allie’s bridal shower, but also because they are so adorable and I love the bright colors and perfect attention to detail.

Drum roll please….



Number 1:
Gold and Blue Striped Inivitations

Okay, I am seriously obsessed with these invitations!!! I love gold and blue combo and I feel like bold stripes will never go out of style.

That’s all for now lovelies!!! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I am going to the beach to (hopefully) get a little vitamin D.


All paper goods are property of Honey Bee Invites.

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Putting Those Mason Jars to Good Use

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 in Blog | 1 comment

I feel like all the days this week blurred together. I got that nasty flu bug that is going around on Monday, school has been keeping me really busy, and my Gonzaga Men’s Basketball Team is #1 in the West Coast Conference and has the potential to be #1 in the nation! So basically it has been a crazy week.  Anywho, today is the first day of March! Yay! We are that much closer to sunny days and long, warm nights.  Today I thought it would be a fun idea to share with you multiple crafts that are available for all those mason jars that are lying around your house!

The first idea is coming directly from Garden Therapy.  Their awesome Mason Jar Solar Lights Tutorial is perfect for any night-time and outdoor scene.  To find the full tutorial, just follow this convenient link:

Photo Credit: Garden Therapy

The second mason jar DIY that I came across is from In Our Write Minds Blog.  This idea of using a mason jar for “30 days of gratitude” is absolutely perfect! I think that the Thanksgiving season would be a great time to bring out this jar. To find the official site for this idea just follow this link:
Photo Credit: In Our Write Minds
Next, is a cool tutorial from Don’t Dare Blink and it involves Tinting Mason Jars with Modge Podge! I really enjoyed this tutorial because it gave very detailed instructions with pictures at each step. To find this tutorial click the link here:
Photo Credit: Don’t Dare Blink
The final DIY mason jar tutorial that I found is from 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt.  Their DIY Glitter Mason Jar Centerpieces are too perfect! To find the link to the full tutorial click here:
Photo Credit: 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt
I think that is all I have for you lovelies today! All of these mason jar tutorials are genius and I cannot wait to try them out on my own! Lucky for me, my Grandma likes to make jam/jelly preserves and has a TON of mason jars just lying around for me to use :)
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Old Wedding Traditions with a New Twist

Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Today is Friday people! I hope everyone had an awesome week and is ready to have an even better weekend! So, for the past week I have asked (via Facebook) what kind of blog post you guys would like to see from me. The winner was “Old Wedding Traditions with a New Twist”! I am really excited about this post because I can come up with some really creative ideas of my own.

The Father Daughter Dance:
I know that this dance is a very classic tradition and I agree it should be kept in the wedding NO MATTER WHAT. But, to add a little twist, it might be a cute idea to have other fathers and daughters join in and have a simple choreographed dance planned ahead of time! Another idea would be to have other men in the bride’s life step in (brothers, grandpas, cousins, uncles) to show that it is not only her father that loves her and has to give her away to her groom.

Giving away the Bride
Speaking of giving the bride away, lot of brides only have their fathers for that job. However, why should the father get his very own dance and the privilege of giving her away? Today, it seems that more and more brides are stepping out of the box and having BOTH their mother and fathers give them away. I mean, parenting is a two person job am I right?

Throwing the Bouquet
Now I know that not all of the bride’s bridesmaids or female guests are her BFFs, so when it comes to the bouquet toss-up, not everyone is eager to catch it as much as others.  Instead, I think that it would be nice to honor all the females in the wedding with a toast or have each of her bridesmaids receive their own miniatures of the bride’s bouquet with a personal note! That way, no one is left out and no one feels any pressure to catch that bouquet.

The Cake
Personally, I love this tradition, but according to Bridal Guide, more and more couples are cutting the cake out of their wedding! This reason is because it is much simpler to have a precut and ready to go cake for the guests with a much, MUCH smaller cake for the bride and groom.  Also, some people don’t even like cake (shocking, I know) so it is better to have other options such as pie or cheesecake to keep your guests as happy as they can be.

Outdoor vs Indoor
A lot of brides these days are choosing to have outdoor weddings in the warmer months of the year.  The traditional venue style will always be classic in my opinion, but I even want an outdoor wedding when I get married! Big white tents with warm air and a cool breeze sounds absolutely perfect.  Brides lately have also been really interested in making their outdoor weddings as “homey” and comfortable as possible while maintaining that rustic, natural, and outdoorsy look.
For example using wooden signs like the ones HBI creates help to maintain that outdoorsy and simple feeling, while guiding guests in the right direction like an indoor venue normally would:

DIY vs Purchase
In todays economy, saving money is always key.  That’s why a lot of couples these days are choosing to make a lot of their own table decor, signs, invites, etc for their weddings! It may be a lot of extra work, but with the help of your bridal team anything is possible!

The Bar(s)
Finally, we have come to one of the most refreshing parts of this post (literally!).  According to Bridal Guide, when it comes to cocktail hour and the bar be sure to have one signature drink with a clever title such as “Something Blue” or “The Knot”.  It will make your guests curious and make it easier to choose what kind of drink they should try.  Also, I have seen a lot of brides have a candy bar! The cocktail hour and beverage bar are for adults, but what about the young ones running around? Not that they need anymore sugar, but your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness and how you took the time to consider every guest, big and small.

That is all for now lovelies! I hope you enjoyed some of my ideas combined with a few tips from Bridal Guide to help make your wedding as hip and perfect as you want it to be. I would like to thank our wonderful friends at Blue Dandelion Photography for taking that gorgeous picture of our sign!
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Have a fantastic weekend!

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Work That “Up Do”

Posted by on Feb 15, 2013 in Blog | 2 comments

Happy Friday and happy President’s Day weekend lovelies! I thought today would be a great day to talk about hair! I was watching to musical “Hairspray” last night and it gave me the best inspiration. Here are some of my all time favorite wedding “up dos” from celebrities that we all know and love.

Anne Hathaway

Not only is Ms. Hathaway a fantastic actress, she also knows how to rock the perfect up do.  I love the relaxed look with the curled hairs in the front.  Imagine walking down the aisle with this beautiful look!

Cameron Diaz

I absolutely love this side swept look that Cameron is completely rocking. I swear that no matter what age she is, she will always be gorgeous (she is only 40 by the way).  I think that this look, with some hidden bobby pins and a lot of hairspray could keep any unruly hairs to the side. Beautiful!

Leona Lewis

Maybe I just really like the side-swept look, but this is too perfect!  It is a little rebellious and rocker-sheek for a wedding, but the right bride with the right theme could easily pull it off.  Also, I would like to mention Leona’s gorgeous eye makeup. That might be a little intense for walking down the aisle, but it still is gorgeous with her hazel-green eyes!

Miranda Kerr

If your hair is not behaving for your big day or even if you just want it to be put back without any fussing, this is the best up do for that!  I think that for the big day, it would be gorgeous to have a pair of long earrings to show off while your hair is completely out of the way.  Plus, with your hair up in a bun, it might look a little too “simple” so why not add a bit of sparkle?  Be sure to tell your hairstylist (or whoever is doing your hair) not to make it too tight so your face doesn’t look stretched and so that you don’t get a headache!

Jennifer Lopez

Curls, curls, curls! For those brides who have gorgeous and bouncy curls, this adorable short cut with a little sparkly accent is perfect!

Kristin Cavallari

Maybe I am a little bias because I am a blonde, but I love, love, love this hair style! I would even consider wearing it for my future wedding day.  It is pulled back perfectly at the top to keep hair out of your face for the dancing at the reception, but it is still left down in the back. Have you ever heard the saying, “Business in the front, party in the back”?  Well, this partial up do represents that perfectly!

Audrey Hepburn

Okay, Audrey Hepburn has got to be one of my all time favorite icons.  She is timeless and can basically pull off any look she wants. I have to say that this up do from Hepburn is my favorite look, not only because I love her as a person, but it is so vintage and classic! It can totally be pulled off in any wedding with any bride.

I kind of want to go out and try all these gorgeous do’s on myself!! That is all that I have for you today :)  I hope everyone has a fantastic and beautiful weekend!
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Also, thank you to StyleBistro and The Divine Addiction for letting me use their pictures of the celebrities and their gorgeous “up dos”!
xoxo, Nicole

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The Best Ways to Pop the Question (Youtube Version)

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Once again it is that wonderful time of the week where our weekend starts! Considering the fact that today is the Friday before Valentine’s Day I thought I would post my top five favorite wedding proposals on YouTube! Some of the videos are a little long, but TOTALLY worth it if you’re a sap like me.

Number 5:
We have all seen those tear-jerking videos of soldiers coming home to their families, but what about a man in a uniform with a diamond ring in his hand??

Number 4:
This video is really cute because of how many people were involved and because of the creativity! I also cried at the end because….well….you’ll see!

Number 3:
K, who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? Even better? A Disney themed proposal!

Number 2:
I picked this proposal for number two because it goes way beyond expectation and it basically sets the bar too high for all the other hopeful guys in the world.

Number 1:
Here is my favorite wedding proposal video of all time.  I love how silly, light-hearted, and creative it is. I would say yes to him in a heartbeat! I also chose this video because one of my best friends had this guy as her acting coach! Plus, he is an actor in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, so I am a little biased on that one :)


Aren’t those videos to die for? They truly are all the best examples of “wedding do’s” that I can think of!
Going along with my theme of engagement, The Knot  has some awesome tips and ideas for a creative proposal on the very anticipated V-Day: Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Well, I suppose that is all for now! I hope everyone has a romance and chocolate filled Valentine’s day!

Special thanks to Youtube and YouTubers: RobertaFosse, MattandGinny, Perspectivesnz, bradleyproductionsUS, and carolinazeta7 for letting me use their awesome videos! The links lead you straight to their YouTube Channels. Honey Bee Invites does not own or claim any rights over these videos. They belong strictly to those who posted them.

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