Best Infant Car Seats and Strollers

One thing that new parents realize after their child is born is that travelling with a baby, to anywhere is a really tough job. Carrying your baby even to the nearest utility store can become a mammoth task. Not only would you have to pay extra attention to the baby, you’d also find yourself juggling with stuff on one hand and the baby on the other. Even taking your baby to a park for a small picnic will become less fun and more of a chore. Even 4-5 year old walking babies become irritated when they are made to walk long distances all day.


If you face these problems and are troubled by them, then instead of sitting at home and cancelling all plans, you should purchase a stroller. A stroller is a baby care item which has a seat at top, for the baby, and wheels at bottom. This item allows baby to move around in peace. Also, for the parents, pushing a stroller is much easier than carrying a baby on the arm. Also, if your baby cries a lot, you can hang his favourite toy in the stroller; this will keep him distracted and happy.

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If you have made the decision of buying a stroller, in this post, you will find top 10 strollers for 2016.

  1. Mclaren Triumph – This stroller is a moderately high priced item designed for people who don’t mind spending a little extra money for premium products. It is built using high quality wheels that are durable and offer very little friction.
  2. Graco LiteRider – This is another stroller that smoothly glides across all surfaces. So whether you are taking you kid to a mall or to a jogger’s park, this stroller is going to perform efficiently.
  3. Baby Jogger 2014 – After pregnancy, most mothers gain weight. If you wish to get back to shape, you can buy stroller and go out on a long walk with you baby. Your baby will love the change in scenery and you will get fitter.
  4. Britax B-ready – This stroller is the best-selling and highest rated item in this category. It is an ultra-luxury product that is designed to attract the richest in America. It is a very expensive product and offers a host of premium features.
  5. UppaBaby G-lite rider – This is a moderately priced baby ride that you can purchase if you want a stroller in unorthodox styling.
  6. Kolcraft Cloud – This is a low cost stroller that comes with red accents. It is very attractive to look at.
  7. Baby Trend – This stroller is a medium priced item that can be used as a stroller and a walker for the baby.
  8. Mountain Buggy – If you plan to taking your baby with you on slightly rougher terrains, then buy this stroller.
  9. Summer Infant 3D stroller – This baby stroller offers quite a selection of useful features in a really low price. I recently bought this to gift to my sister in law.
  10. Joovy Caboose – This is an ultra-light stroller that can be folded and easily stored in the trunk of the car. It is quite expensive for the features that it offers.